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Police department reopens to public on weekdays

After many months of limited access by the public, the Ironton Police Department has resumed weekday hours.

Starting Wednesday of this week, the public is again able to speak to an officer about reports, rummage sale permits, impound lot fees and the like.

Hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Acting Chief Chris Bowman said an officer who had been out on an injury recently came back to work on light duty and will be available in the office during the week.

“He will be taking reports, handing out accident reports,” Bowman said.

The police department closed to the public except on Wednesday this past summer after layoffs left the department understaffed and dispatching was turned over to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

When citizens called the police department, they were given an automated phone tree directing them to push a certain number to reach a certain office or person in the police department

Other routine inquires, like rummage sale permits, were directed to the city’s finance department.

Bowman said the move to reopen the department to the public will be a plus for the community.

“They can come in for any business with the police department.”