Market drives healthy living and economy

Published 12:58 am Sunday, April 7, 2013

The farmers market in Ironton looks to be smartly positioned to, well, grow this spring and summer.

Now in its second year at the redesigned and much-improved Depot Square on Second and Vernon streets, the market is poised to become far more than just a handful of vendors serving a small segment of the community.

The relatively new civic organization Ironton aLive is leading the way and the focus is on creating a larger venue with a variety of products well beyond just produce, including flowers, baskets and more.

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This should be a positive move for the community as eating all-natural and locally produced food has become a hot trend. With obesity and other health issues reaching record levels, many are realizing that food straight from Mother Nature is always best.

While the first vendors may sprout up on Saturdays in late April, an official opening is planned for June 1 with other events and promotional efforts in the works for later in the summer.

Another key change this year will be how vendors and their produce are noted, with items grown right here in Lawrence County marked as homegrown and those in contiguous counties marked as grown locally. That will help consumers not only know exactly what they are putting into their bodies but also exactly where it can from.

Having a vibrant farmers market — as are now popping up in larger cities across the country — will strengthen our community in a variety of ways.

Perhaps most importantly, it will allow people to be healthier and put money straight into the hands of our local farmers.