St. Mary’s recognizes volunteers

Published 9:05 am Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The St. Mary’s Medical Center Ironton Campus recognized the work of its volunteers Monday with a luncheon in their honor.

The event, held during National Volunteer Week, provided a chance for St. Mary’s to let their volunteers know they are appreciated, Patricia Chambers, director of volunteer services, said.

“We have so many volunteers here and I wanted to come over and have a special day for them like we do in Huntington,” Chambers said. “It’s important they understand they are part of a bigger thing – and that thing is caring and sharing.”

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Chambers said volunteering is about giving back and the people honored at the luncheon have the true spirit of volunteering.

Nancy Collier, a retired Lawrence County teacher, said the luncheon was wonderful. She said it was nice to have all the volunteers together in the same room and she even met two of her peers for the first time.

“This gets me out and I feel like I’m giving back to the community,” Collier said. “The nice thing about volunteering here is I see people I know or kids I had in school who say ‘Hey, aren’t you Mrs. Collier.’”

Collier and Chambers agreed that the volunteers at the Ironton Campus view what they do as a mission. They said giving back to the community is what keeps them coming back.

Even with such a dedicated group, more volunteers are always appreciated, Chambers said. She said the door is always open for those who would like to dedicate their time to their community.