‘My Ghost Story’ to showcase Chesy center

Published 9:37 am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CHESAPEAKE — David Lee Maynard, founder of Quest Paranormal Investigations, Inc., said when he clicked the link to share his story with a national cable show he never expected anything to come of it — but his patience, long hours and dedication have paid off.

It’s been more than a year in the making, but the paranormal activities at the Chesapeake Community Center will hit the national stage Saturday when an episode of Bio.’s “My Ghost Story” airs Saturday at 9 p.m.

Maynard and Dreama Jackson, his “right hand,” flew to Los Angeles last summer to film interviews for the show. About a month later a cameraman came to the community center for on-site filming.

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“When he got here we gave him a tour of the place,” Jackson said. “We gave him a good feel of the building, explained where some of the things have happened. I think he got the creeps a couple of times when we were in the basement area.”

The basement is known for being the home of an entity that is “just not nice,” Jackson said. So when the cameraman said he felt as if someone was staring him down, she and Maynard explained to him their experiences in the room.

The members of Quest Paranormal have been waiting for months to hear when their segment would air, and now that they know, Jackson said she is so nervous she has hardly slept a wink.

“I want people to see there are things out there that can’t be explained,” Jackson said. “The community center is one of the best places I’ve ever investigated. I was just down there last week taking photos and in one of them I noticed the little girl in the blue dress looking at me just plain as day.”

Maynard said he is also nervous about the premiere, but perhaps for different reasons. He said he has mixed emotions and is curious to see how the community center’s activity will be portrayed.

“I’m wondering if they are going to go with exactly what we said, or if they are going to spin it,” Maynard said. “They asked us about orbs during the interview, and I’ve noticed they focus on the orb thing in a lot of their episodes, but I don’t. A lot of people think they are spirits, but usually they are just dust or dew reflecting the light from the flash.”

There is so much going on in the center worth focusing on, Maynard said. But in the end, he said he just hopes the show helps get the word out about the community center. One of the main goals of Quest Paranormal is to help raise money for the center for repairs and upgrades, he said.

Like Jackson, Maynard said he just hopes people watch the show and realize they have the opportunity to experience paranormal activity in their own backyard. Maynard said he hopes people become interested in the strange phenomena that takes place at the community center and learn it is nothing to be afraid of.

To celebrate the premiere, the paranormal investigation group will have a red carpet event at the home of one of their members. Maynard and Jackson said the plan is to don tuxedo T-shirts, put on feather boas and sunglasses and walk down the carpet to the viewing area as friends and family take pictures. Jackson said the plan is simply to have some fun before watching the show.

Quest Paranormal provides private and public hunts of the community center on a regular basis. Those wishing to sign up for a public tour or schedule a private tour, can contact the group on their Facebook page or by calling (740) 550-9878.