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Dispatching merger still needs work

When it comes to merging Lawrence County’s 911 system and sheriff’s office dispatching all the critics are quick to offer reasons why it cannot work instead of focusing on both the reasons and, ultimately, the solutions for why it must.

Thankfully, Sheriff Jeff Lawless and the county commissioners are using common sense instead of listening to the naysayers.

Once all the politics, power struggles and posturing gets pushed aside, it is clear that Lawrence County needs a single system, even though it may require an up-front investment.

After making the change more than a year ago, the county took another step toward fully merging these final two components last week — Ironton turned over its dispatching to the LCSO last year — by agreeing to consolidate computer systems.

This will likely require some training to ensure that all the employees fully understand the system and can do everything needed. Combining the unions has to be part of the next negotiating process in order to create a unified organization.

The goal is still to get everyone under one roof, with every employee having the ability to efficiently and effectively dispatch police, fire and ambulance.

Public safety must trump politics and other concerns. Common sense can play a big role in making this happen.