Euphemisms can’t cover up gambling

Published 9:24 am Thursday, May 23, 2013

If it looks like gambling and sounds like gambling then it is gambling.

Thankfully the Ohio Legislature saw it that way approving a law that would ban Internet cafes and sweepstakes houses in the state. Now the measure just requires Gov. John Kasich’s signature, something that is expected to happen in the near future.

Putting more than 600 operations out of business isn’t something that should ever be taken lightly. But, under the current laws, these cafes are nothing more than illegal gambling operations.

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According to the Columbus Dispatch, “Law enforcement, including Attorney General Mike DeWine, have argued that the largely cash operations would be nearly impossible to regulate, and some are home to other illegal activity such as money laundering.”

The lottery is regulated. Gambling operations by charitable organizations are closely scrutinized. It took a vote by citizens to allow casinos to be built here.

So, with all these guidelines in place, why should a classification of businesses be allowed to operate because they have found an arguable grey area in law?

Many of the cafe supporters are motivated by personal agendas and their own self preservation. Greed certainly plays its role, too.