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Good things going on right here

Last Saturday was exactly the type of weekend that will help Ironton prosper and create the public image that most of us already see.

There were a variety of events across town that appealed to a wide range of people and helped attract visitors to the county seat.

From the equestrian exhibitions in the new Lawrence County Horseman’s Association arena in the south part of the city to the formal launch of the Farmers Market in downtown Ironton to the Junefest arts and crafts show at the Briggs-Lawrence County Public Library, these events can help bring people together.

Efforts like these, which came from a variety of groups and organizations, are exactly what it takes to get local residents out supporting their own community as well as draw others here from across the Tri-State.

These events also go a long way toward changing the perception that nothing positive is happening here in Lawrence County. That may be the most important element as the community tries to gain momentum and grow jobs.

Pride in our community and belief that things are getting better will be the foundation that a positive future is built upon.