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Ready for an ‘Awakening?’

Free stuff rarely comes with a guarantee. But a band of local people have a no-cost product with a guarantee that puts Craftsman hand tools to shame.

It won’t cost anyone a single cent to buy into their life-changing logic. As a matter of fact, their guarantee is issued by the most generous, unfailingly honest manufacturer in the history of time — and beyond.

Steve Shelton and Kevin West, along with a host of area church leaders and members, are proud to present “The Awakening,” a meeting of born again believers for the purpose of enhancing the presence of the church in the local community. The free event will be held in the Ironton High School Conley Center gymnasium on Saturday at 7 p.m.

“So many people are disconnected from the church,” West said. “They’re not lost (in a Biblical sense), they just don’t have a lot to do with the church. Our goal is to strengthen their determination.”

West, who has served as a local minister for the past decade, also authored a spiritual despair-to-hope autobiography highlighting God’s influence on him titled “Living a Transformed Life.” He is regularly featured on multiple radio stations sharing Biblical-based wisdom with listeners and is also quick to travel anywhere to help others understand the glorifying impact of the Word of God.

Shelton, whose ministry is greatly enhanced via his impressive musical talent, has long dreamed of gathering local churches together for a unified purpose, specifically to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with the community.

“I had a strong desire to host an interdenominational worship service where the church, one body, could come together and sing praises once a month or so,” Shelton said, noting that a lady at his church, Ironton First Baptist, who was aware of his desire, suggested he meet with West.

“I met with Kevin and Stephanie and immediately recognized the similarities in vision,” he continued. “The way we came together was unquestionably ordained.”

Shelton said that since that fateful meeting, “The team has grown to include some of the most anointed pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, and true-hearted worshippers from churches all over the region.”

“The Awakening” aims to gather those with a passion for God’s Word and assemble an alliance of believers who continually march out into everyday life and share the message of Jesus Christ with others — no matter which church they choose to attend on Sundays.

In short, this group wants to light a fire of passion and hope among believers in our community.

According to Stephanie Scragg, the group’s focus is one-hundred percent positive. “We spend zero time talking about what we’re against. Our time is spent talking about what we’re for.”

And what “The Awakening” is for is strengthening our area through the words of Jesus Christ, who promised in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the middle of them.”

Mark your calendars for Saturday evening. With promises and free guarantees like this, can any of us really afford to miss it?


Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at hollandkat3@aol.com.