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All should prepare for worst

Mother Nature seems to have been in a bad mood all summer long.

Although temperatures haven’t been dangerously hot, the region has been absolutely drowned with rain nearly every day. The Tri-State has been spared the worst of recent storms — for the most part — but many other areas along the East Coast have been hit with massive flooding, power outages and property damage.

As she does every so often, Mother Nature reminds us that she is still in control and can be a formidable force. This just drives home the message popularized by the Boy Scouts of America: Be prepared.

It is impossible to predict an accurate forecast for the rest of the summer but what citizens can control is their level of emergency preparedness. Don’t wait until an actual disaster strikes to start thinking about the things that you would need.

Take the time to prepare emergency kits that should include a host of items such as fresh water, nonperishable food items, flashlights and batteries, a generator, a variety of clothing, blankets, matches and other essentials.

There are a myriad of organizations that offer lists and tips for disaster or emergency preparedness.

Being prepared can help you enjoy Mother Nature a little more and fear her a bit less.