Hoops tourney was slam dunk success

Published 3:17 pm Thursday, July 25, 2013

After a year’s hiatus the Burlington’s Veterans Memorial Tournament is back on track.

On July 13 “The Commons” in Burlington was filled with 250 contestants and fans. Under the leadership of Quander Wilson and his committee, an exciting day of basketball was served up to all.

Donations came in from organizations such as Beford Ford, McDonalds, Sam’s Club, Walmart and many more.

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Aaron Jackson of Big Guys BBQ, Joe Wilson was the DJ and all of the Concerned Citizens volunteers fed and entertained the crowd.

Funds raised from this event paid for the resurfacing of the basketball court at “The Commons.”

Ed Moellendick


Concerned Citizens of the Burlington Area


Rumpke offers safety Tips for Working in the Heat

Nearly 400 people die annually from heat stroke, according to the National Safety Council. Working outside in extreme heat can pose serious health risks, and it is essential to take safety precautions against heat stroke and sun exposure.

Hundreds of Rumpke drivers work in the heat every day, and the company continually trains its employees about the signs of heat-related health problems and ways to prevent heat stress.

“Dizziness, cramping, rapid shallow breathing and hot, dry skin are a few signs of heat stress,” said Randy Broadright, Rumpke safety manager. “Heat illnesses range from dehydration and heat rash to severe cases of heat stroke. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re too late.”


Five tips to avoid

heat-related problems

1. Drink 5 to 7 ounces of fluids (water or sports drinks) every 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Avoid beverages containing caffeine, high sugar or alcohol.

3. Eat small, well-balanced meals more often.

4. Wear light color, loose fitting clothes.

5. “Listen” to your body for signs of heat stress.

Additionally, Rumpke supervisors are consistently in contact with and observing employees to watch for signs of heat stress. To aid in proper hydration, supervisors are on routes to distribute bottled water and sports drinks.

“Water alone usually does not replace the loss of essential electrolytes. Sports drinks that are high in electrolytes should be considered as employees hydrate,” Broadright said.

Rumpke employs 50 people from its Hanging Rock location, including drivers, laborers, office personnel, sales representatives, equipment operators and managers.

Rumpke has been committed to keeping neighborhoods and businesses clean and green since 1932 by providing environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions.

Rumpke is one of the nation’s largest privately owned residential and commercial waste and recycling firms, providing service to areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Rumpke divisions include Rumpke Recycling, The William-Thomas Group and Rumpke Hydraulics. Please visit www.rumpke.com for more information.

Jonathan Kissell, APR

Corporate Communications Supervisor