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Apathy toward government hurts Ironton

Apathy by far too many citizens continues to be perhaps the biggest challenge facing the city of Ironton.

According to Webster’s Dcitionary, apathy is “lack of interest or concern … indifference.”

That perfectly explains whey only three individuals chose to run for the four city council positions up for grabs in the November general election, an outcome that robs voters of any choice on these seats.

The three who have filed — newcomer Craig Harvey, incumbent Beth Rist and longtime councilman and former mayor Bob Cleary — will automatically take the seats. The fourth seat will be appointed by the new council.

All these individuals may do a great job but the lack of choices robs citizens of options and in many ways reflects the attitude the citizens have toward its government.

A government for the people, by the people is a fundamental part of our democracy.

The list of reasons not to get involved is a long one. It is a thankless job. The pay is awful. The hours are long. The duties are 24 hours day. Some of your friends and neighbors may end up not liking you. The list goes on and on.

The list of reasons why someone should stand up to run for office is short. In fact, there is only one reason: You can make your community a better place.

In this case, quality wins over quantity. And it isn’t even a contest.