Memorial Hall will still be part of future

Published 5:23 am Sunday, August 11, 2013

Although Ironton’s historic Memorial Hall couldn’t be saved, its ultimate fate may have an even greater community impact.

Last week the city council unanimously voted in favor of demolishing the bulk of the dilapidated structure but incorporating key parts of it into a community park.

This is certainly somewhat bittersweet as it is painful to destroy an important part of Ironton’s history. However, no one could put together a viable plan for its restoration and it was allowed to deteriorate over the years.

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This may be the best end result under the circumstances.

Having well-kept green spaces and public parks is important to the community.

The next challenge — and this is one that extends to the city’s existing parks as well — is to ensure that a strong plan is in place to maintain it and provide adequate police protection so that it is a place safe enough for families to visit.

The fact that Ironton In Bloom volunteers are willing to lead the way once again and help keep it beautiful will be very important.

Memorial Hall was important to the city’s past but can now serve a new, but just as vital role, for Ironton’s future.