County can get behind ‘old jail’ project

Published 12:28 pm Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Historical Jail Preservation Corp. will be holding a fundraiser this fall.

Last year we held a “Jail or Bail” with the goal of raising the needed funds to install the floors in Burlington’s “Old Jail.” We were able to meet this goal and are proud to report that this part of our project was completed this past May.

Now we need to reach out to the citizens once again. This year we are planning to hold a “Jailhouse Rock.” We plan on holding an Elvis Presley impersonation competition. Our idea is to ask the high schools of the county to send us their best impersonator for a performance at the “Old Jail” on Saturday, Oct. 19.

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We will be offering cash prizes for the top three. To raise the needed funds we will be seeking sponsors from individuals and businesses.

Last year we submitted a “letter to the editor” and that was the extent of the newspaper involvement until the day of the event. This year we would love it if The Tribune would do several features to the build up of the day of our event.

As the Chairman of the Historical Jail Preservation Corp. I would be willing to answer any questions.

The county needs to remember the this is their Bicentennial Project. We are on a roll, but we need the citizens of the county to support our efforts. We can envision the completion of this project, but we are not there yet.


Ed Moellendick is the chairman of the Historical Jail Preservation Corp. and the president of the Concerned Citizens of Burlington.


Editor’s note: The Tribune published two features on the jail bail fundraiser on Aug. 13, 2012 and Oct. 16, 2012.