Back to school for parents, community, too

Published 2:36 pm Thursday, August 15, 2013

Class is now in session at schools across Lawrence County.

Although fall is still about a month away, the symbolic start of the season was Wednesday as students returned to the classrooms for another year. Most children adapt easily and fall right back into the groove. But it is important to remember that parents — or grandparents, even — are basically heading back to school as well.

Right now, it is exciting for everyone. It is a time of enthusiasm and school spirit that we, as a community, try to capture all year long. Even those who do not have children in the school system can show their support and be an advocate for our education systems, public or private.

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Lawrence County schools have no problem getting fans to come out for athletics, and that is OK.

But we need to foster that same level of enthusiasm for academics and in-class achievements as we do for those on the court or the field.

Countless studies have shown that a majority of the children who are successful in school have a strong support system at home. Their parents or families are engaged in the entire process.

So Junior may have homework, but mom and dad should consider that they do as well.

This will go a long way toward helping Lawrence County’s students achieve all they can in the classroom and life.