Tree trimming should be done with care

Published 1:12 pm Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I would like to commend Herman Zornes for his recent letter to The Tribune, alerting residents to the fact that the electric company is now cutting trees haphazardly away from electric wires, with no thought to preserving a reasonably attractive shape to the tree.

There are several ruined trees in my neighborhood, the middle cut out and other limbs left to run willy nilly, a sorry sight indeed!

These homeowners tell me the power company workers told them they have instructions to do it in this manner, and to not take time to shape the tree up as well as possible.

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If this is true, is this a local dictate, or one involving one or more power companies? Where did they get this authority?

The majority of Ironton residents take great pride in their property as well as the tree lawns that separate their houses from the curb. It doesn’t seem possible that this could happen in a free society like ours.

I agree with Mr. Zornes that city leaders should at least give us some information about this, so that we will know how to go about preventing it.

Judith Sanders