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Performing arts series resumes Tuesday

The arrival of fall also signals the beginning of the Ohio University Southern Performing Arts Series.

Started by former employee Gayle Thornton and taken over by fine arts instructor Pat McCoy a decade or so ago, the concerts showcase different types of music.

“From a practical sense, it is part of my job,” McCoy said. “But it’s also a labor of love. I can think of a lot of other things on campus I could be doing that I’d rather not be doing.”

The first show in this year’s series is at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, in the Riffe Center Mains Rotunda.

Dr. George Palton, adjunct professor of tuba at Marshall, will give a recital with Alanna Cushing accompanying him on the piano and special guest Dr. Michael Stroeher, professor of trombone at Marshall.

“This is something I have a passion for,” McCoy said. “I think it is important in this area to have concerts like these because of the lack of exposure to different music genres. I like to bring folks in who have extensive experience to play all different types of music.”

One goal he maintains, McCoy said, is mixing local with regional and even national musicians to increase the diversity in regard to types of music.

“People who attend are definitely getting the biggest bang for their buck because the shows are free,” he said. “Getting people here is the biggest challenge but once they’re here, they love it.”