Testing machines starts election process

Published 12:24 am Sunday, October 6, 2013

With just a little over four weeks until the general election, the Lawrence County Board of Elections spent Friday checking out the vote tabulators to make sure they would give an accurate count come Nov. 5.

“We are required to have a public test of all the voting machines,” Craig Allen, chairman of the board, said. “We run all the machines to make sure they have zero balances, put in some sample ballots and run them again. It’s to make sure the equipment is working properly.”

Both Allen and board of elections director Cathy Overbeck say they expect a light turnout this fall at the polls.

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“There are not very heated races, not a lot of opposition,” she said.

So far the board has only sent out approximately 1,150 applications for absentee ballots.

Allen and Overbeck expect turnout to be between 20 and 25 percent of the approximately 50,000 registered voters.

“Usually if you don’t have a presidential or governor’s race, you get a small turnout,” Allen said. “Statistically the incumbents win 80 percent of the races.”

During October, The Tribune will periodically publish stories about some of the races facing voters from Ironton City Council to the liquor option at Sam’s Club and Walmart.

The following is a list of all the races and their candidates.


2013 RACES

City of Ironton Council (Vote for 4)

Bob Cleary

Craig Harvey

Beth Rist

Write-In — Dave Frazer

Write-In — Jerry Brownstead


Athalia Council

(Vote for 4)

Debra Evans

Ervin Napier Jr.


Chesapeake Council

(Vote for 4)

Paul E. Hart

Paul N. Hart

Richard McMaster

Elonzo Sawyers

Richard Stover

Tommy Templeton


Coal Grove Council

(Vote for 4)

Eric Holmes

Frederick Phillip Roush

Shawn McDaniel

Kimberly McKnight

Nick McKnight

Randy Wise


Hanging Rock Council

(Vote for 4)

Tim Dickens

David Hopper


Proctorville Village Council

(Vote for 4)

Brenda Chapman

Fred Cooper

Davy Peters

Brian Root

Raymond Shephard

Justin Wurtzler


South Point

(Vote for 4)

Mary Cogan

Buel Collins

Dale Jackson

Michael Lynd

David Moore

Jim Payne

Eric Rawlin

Christopher Smith

Danny Smith

Sam Suiter Jr.

Lawrence County Educational Service

Center (Vote for 3)

Phil Carpenter

Roland Hayes

Ray Malone


Chesapeake BOE

(Vote for 3)

Jeanne Harmon

Carl Lilly

Arthur Suiter


Dawson-Bryant BOE

(Vote for 3)

Debbie Drummond

Brady Harrison

William Irby

Jamie Murphy

Donny Turner

Fairland BOE

(Vote for 3)

Martin Appleton

Barbara Dinwiddie

Gary Sowards Jr.

Matt Ward

Charles Workman


Ironton BOE

(Vote for 2)

Burton Payne

Jay Zornes

Rock Hill BOE

(Vote for 2)

Wanda Jenkins

Paul David Knipp


South Point BOE

(Vote for 2)

Jan Keatley

Jack Nuckols

Stacey Thacker

Rita Vance

Symmes Valley BOE

(Vote for 3)

Allen Miller

Hope Rowe

Tommy Shepherd

Chris Thompson

Mike Wall

Aid Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Brian Pancake

George Gabriel Patterson


Aid Township Fiscal

Officer (Vote for 1)

Tonnia Meadows

Wayne Taylor


Decatur Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Tim Blagg

Ronnie Cox


Elizabeth Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Phillip Bailey

Ron Davis

Brian Kidd


Fayette Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Perry Brock

Mike Finley

Travis Wise


Hamilton Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Bob Blankenship

David Blankenship

Larry Fraley

Forrest Kerns Jr.


Hamilton Township Fiscal Officer

Terri Robinson


Lawrence Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Brent Dickess

Joe Ferguson

Scott Gore

Donald Mannon

Scott Mootz


Mason Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Stephen Colegrove

Jeff Estep

Lewis Pauley

Derek Wilson


Perry Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Ryan Bentley

Barry Blankenship

Jeff Joseph

Jeffery Pemberton


Rome Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Mark Bailey

Dean Cooper

Brian Pinkerman


Symmes Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Chris Brown

Rick Carpenter

Ronald Hatfield


Union Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Mike Curry

Rick Gue


Upper Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Robert Ackerman

Don Klaiber

Michael McDaniels


Washington Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Mike Freeman

Jerry Kelly


Washington Fiscal Officer

Barbarina Davidson

Katrenda Lewis


Windsor Township Trustees

(Vote for 2)

Donald Adkins

Robert Burcham

Mark Johnson

Scott Wilson


Local Questions and Issues

• City of Ironton Recreation Levy

Replacement (1/2 mill for five years)


• Coal Grove Village

Current Expenses Levy

Additional (1 mill for five years)


• South Point Village

Current Expenses Levy

Replacement (3 mills for five years)


• Elizabeth Township

Fire Protection Levy

Renewal (1 mill for five years)


• Perry Township

Fire Protection Levy

Renewal (1 mill for five years)

• Clark’s Pump N Shop Sunday Sales

Of wine and mixed beverages from 10 a.m. to midnight


• Sheridan

Sam’s Club

Sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages


• Walmart Supercenter

Sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages