Museum milestone important

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For any organization, 25 years is a tremendous milestone. When that organization is one driven by volunteers, it is even more impressive.

The Lawrence County Museum celebrated 25 years last week, a huge achievement for the entity that is operated by the Lawrence County Historical Society.

The 25th Anniversary Party Bean Dinner/Fundraiser featured live music, museum tours and local vendors.

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So many people deserve credit for this success but all the past and current volunteers should be commended for the commitment and dedication to preserving the county’s past and trying to put it on display for the public.

The museum has an excellent building and a strong collection of items of local interest. The problem is far too many people have never been there or take this great asset for granted.

We would like to see the county’s schools partner with the historical society to implement a program that would include field trips and other educational opportunities that would allow the youth to be exposed to this.

Creating a consistent program with every school in the county could help educate lots of youth and may lead to some revenue-generating partnerships down the road.

Twenty five years is an accomplishment of which the entire county should be proud, but citizens should also make the commitment to help be a part of achieving the next milestone.