Parking fines could increase revenue

Published 9:33 am Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please, allow me to repeat myself concerning an untapped revenue source for the county sheriff and municipal courts.

I have been informed the Lowe’s and Sam’s Club/Walmart parking lots fall under the sheriff’s jurisdiction for enforcement.

Each of these locations have designated handicapped parking spaces that are being violated every day and by multiple vehicles. The violators think themselves above the law and better than those people with valid handicapped parking permits, whether by the handicapped placard hanging from their rearview mirror or license plates.

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The violators park in the yellow-striped areas not meant for parking. I have personally seen as many as 14 vehicles parked in striped areas on several visits.

This is illegal and punishable under the laws of Ohio. I do not know the fine for such illegal parking, but multiple violations would result in a sizeable amount of revenue for law enforcement.

I’m certain the sheriff has road units bypassing these parking lots many times each day, yet not going through the parking lots to ticket the violators.

Instead of the sheriff begging for more funds, this is a way for his department to generate funds for themselves.


Allen Caldwell

South Point