Four levies on November ballot

Published 11:42 am Friday, October 18, 2013

Four local communities will have a levy on the ballot come Election Day.

South Point and Coal Grove are looking to extend their current expense levies while Perry and Elizabeth townships hope to continue levies for their fire departments.

“It is just a continuation of the current levy,” said George Rowe, fiscal officer for Perry Township. “Just makes sure we can keep the fire department up and running.”

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Both Perry and Elizabeth townships have volunteer fire departments, which, according to Rowe, require more help from the communities they serve.

“Those guys don’t make anything themselves,” Rowe said.

“They provide a huge service to our township so its only fair that we make sure they have the necessary equipment and can keep the trucks filled with gas.”

The levy on the ballot in both South Point and Coal Grove will help the two villages maintain things like street and traffic lights as well as general costs that arise over the course of the year.

“The levy will cover the cost of street lights,” said Diana Wise, clerk/treasurer for Coal Grove. “It won’t be exclusively for that but that’s the main thing it is for. The rest will go into a general fund that helps maintain our police department and other things around the village.”

None of the four levies will raise taxes for the communities, and all four will run for the next five years if passed.

“We aren’t asking people to pay more,” Wise said. “Just asking them to pay what they are already paying.”

Levies for Coal Grove, Perry and Elizabeth townships are for one mill. South Point’s is for three mill.