Public’s assistance imperative

Published 9:22 am Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One day really can make a difference. Just ask the Lawrence County Adult Probation Agency.

Within one day of publishing photos of probation offenders who have been out of contact with APA officers, two women were apprehended. At least one of the women arrested was caught thanks to an anonymous call to the probation department.

All it took was someone’s vigilant eye to bring a probation offender off the streets.

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The Tribune will publish Lawrence County’s Most Wanted probation offenders each Monday with the hopes that the community will keep its eyes and ears open and help bring these people to justice.

If anyone sees one of the Most Wanted offenders, all it takes is a call to the probation department to give officers the information that could potentially prevent future crimes.

Calls can remain anonymous so there should be no fear of being identified.

The offenders should know that the community takes probation violations just as seriously as the court and law enforcement officials.

Anyone with information about a probation offender is asked to call the Adult Probation Agency at 740-533-4380.