Community involvement critical

Published 12:07 am Sunday, November 17, 2013

As we approach the holiday season, this is the time of year when people think about the entities that help others. This is something that is essential for our region and should be thought about year-round.

Speaking with a community leader recently, volunteers are what foster an environment and sense of pride. It is important to continue to support our local businesses and organizations because of what they mean to our community and county.

Another item I noticed early on is how vital to our county the various organizations that work to teach and provide assistance to those in need are.

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Many times, we think more of adult-oriented groups that help others, but those who help our next generation in things like 4-H and youth groups are essential as well.

I started thinking about how I can better help others teach my daughter to be selfless. As the coach of my daughter’s softball team, I began thinking about how coaching softball can translate to things outside the game.

After taking some time, my thoughts went to from wins and losses to developing them as players and young ladies. I have a firm belief that if they are taught now to work hard, develop their skills, and play for their teammates, the wins will take care of themselves.

Learning to work hard at a young age and be committed to help others get better for a common goal will lend itself to building a sense of giving in a person. Another element is to simply get involved in a community project, volunteer to coach or help in a little league, or provide support. This can be monetary or giving your time.

When taking this time, however, I realized that I need to walk the walk right alongside what I am asking from my daughter and my team. Over the upcoming months, I look to get involved more and help move our community forward.

Although I want to help everyone, it is important to remember to not spread yourself too thin because you will be doing a disservice to all the organizations you may be involved with as well as to yourself.

There are so many worthwhile causes and organizations that need help throughout the course of the year. During the last month, I have had the opportunity to meet many new faces from the community.

Through the time I have spent with these business, community, and organizational leaders, I have gained a new perspective on what makes this area so special.

It is important for us to get involved in our communities and help move our county and Tri-State forward in the short term, but this will also help move us into the future.


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