Citizens should stand up for God

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I was listening to the news, and as you know, there are a lot of disturbing things going on.

I try not to let things bother me because anyone who has ever read the Bible knows these things must come to pass. But in what I believe was a New England state, they were having a ruckus about prayer in a town hall meeting.

What in the world?

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With everything going on we’re going to make a big deal about saying a prayer? I understand that everybody is not a Christian (to my dismay) but go to the bathroom, for a minute or step out into the hall or something. Don’t make such a big issue out of something that everyone in the room except you believes in.

We took prayer out of schools and look what happened. Children and teachers are dying because the Devil found his way in.

We’ve taken him out of homes and children are running around out of parental control. Some churches have even taken him out of their services and wonder why they don’t have spirit-filled services.

People, time is drawing short. We have got to get God back into our lives — our schools, our work, our government.

One person, or a small group, for prayer and God out of these things. Why can’t a small group get them back?

I am not lying down and being quiet this time around. I am going to stand up for the God who died for me. Without him, I could not do anything and would be nothing. So the very least I can do is to let any and all know how I feel.

Do not take him out of your meetings, out of your locker rooms, out of your sporting events, out of your churches and most of all don’t take him out of your homes.

Christians, let’s be the missionaries we are supposed to be in our corners of the world and stand up for him in whatever what he is leading us.


Margaret Collins

Ashland, Ky.