Many facing hardships throughout world

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When I woke up this morning two lines of a song came to my mind “Just a country gal, I never had much money, I never knew the word luxury.”

Now, just remember I am 80 years past, and happy and thankful. God has allowed our time. I am blessed.

The old people often talk of our school days and how we enjoyed every day of it. Many times in our grade school (two rooms) at Lawrence Furnace, we had difficulties with our heat. After walking to our school in knee-high snow, we didn’t have any heat because we didn’t have any coal for our pot-bellied stove. Other kids walked farther than my sister and I.

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I remember wearing my snowsuit all day in class, including my gloves and hat. We didn’t complain and we didn’t run home to mommy.

Now today, children haven’t been told how to endure hardships, children complain, parents complain and not thinking of all the hardships, all over the world that people are going through.

The holiday season is coming up and many children have no place to lay their head. No fancy food to eat, and no brand name shoes or clothing to wear. Think about that.

Generations passed before my time and they had hard times also. But, these are sweet memories to me. I love to talk and listen to the old saints. But, time has made a change in our old home place.

People going to and fro not praying like they should, not depending on our Heavenly Father.

Today our policemen, our firemen, and other law enforcement officers are having tough times and I thank them each day and we all should pray for them.

May God bless you for taking the time to read this, the last two lines of the song say… “But up in Heaven, I’ll have a mansion and those streets of gold were paved just for me and you. If you believe and trust.”


Martha Carmon