Delaying health care mandate only fair

Published 10:09 am Friday, December 13, 2013

The rollout of has been a complete disaster. Stories of the site malfunctioning are being reported everywhere. Regular Americans are having extreme difficulty signing up.

– Liberals like Senator Joe Manchin and entertainer John Stewart (Daily Show) think a delay of the individual mandate would be a good idea.

– Some Obama-supporters are beginning to face increased costs for health care.

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– Health care companies are laying off Medicare doctors in droves. For instance, United HealthCare just fired thousands of Medicare Advantage doctors. That means less supply of care.

– Congress exempted itself from ObamaCare. Obama delayed the mandate for Big Business. Why shouldn’t mandate be delayed for all of the American people?

– Delaying the individual mandate is the only “fair” option. It’s a policy both liberals and conservatives should support.


David Hook

Milton, W.Va.


Proctorville soldier should never be forgotten

Sept. 14 through Nov. 24, 1966, raged the largest operation to date in Vietnam. Operation Attleboro, named after my city in Massachusetts, 155 U.S. soldiers lost their lives.

One of the men killed was PFC Larry Lee Fuller of Proctorville. In my attempt to honor the men who died I am updating the Vietnam Wall Memorial, Wall of Faces Website.

PFC Fuller’s photo is missing and any help I can get in locating a photo would be greatly appreciated.

PFC Fuller was born Sept. 20 1945, and began his tour in Vietnam on July 15, 1966 and was killed on Nov. 2, 1966.

Please help me ensure that he is never forgotten for his sacrifice.


Bryan Simmons

Attleboro, Mass.