The Spirit of Christmas

Published 10:04 am Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Keith Boggs, of Pedro poses next to one of two Christmas trees inside his home.

Keith Boggs, of Pedro poses next to one of two Christmas trees inside his home.

Most people start getting into the Christmas spirit when the Thanksgiving meal is finished.

But 61-year-old Keith Boggs, of Pedro, feels the spirit of Christmas year-round.

Boggs has an extensive collection of holiday decorations and lives to see them light up for a few weeks out of each year.

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“He’ll start getting the decorations out, fixing broken ones and tinkering with them in July,” said Cindy McMaster, Boggs’ niece and caretaker. “I don’t like to say that Keith has a mental disorder because in my eyes he doesn’t. He’s different but he knows how to fix and work anything electrical.”

For as long as McMaster can remember her uncle has enjoyed the Christmas holidays. Her home is filled with decorations and lights that Boggs has collected over the years. Including some vintage decorations that are well over 30 years old.

“He loves Christmastime,” McMaster said. “It’d be wonderful if everyone loved the holiday and lived for the holiday like he does. He keeps all the Christmas stuff he can get. Some of this stuff is older than I am.”

While he may not get rid of Christmas decorations Boggs does occasionally trade his decorations for newer ones, or other appliances.

“Every now and then he’ll get bored with something,” McMaster said. “When he does he will trade for a new decoration or a vacuum. He loves to work on vacuums and stuff like that. He’s good at it.”

McMaster says that doctors only expected her uncle to live eight months. Now he’s outlived many of his relatives, including McMaster’s father.

“I can see them now in Heaven,” McMaster said as her eyes filled with tears. “Looking at Keith, his lights, and seeing the paper here to do a story about it. They’re smiling because they know what Christmas means to him.”