What news stories top your list?

Published 10:06 am Friday, December 27, 2013

A lot can happen in 365 days

The federal government grinded to halt for more than two weeks in October.

In June, the Supreme Court struck down the federal law defining marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman.

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The roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in October was anything but smooth.

Three people were killed and more than 200 other seriously injured when two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April.

National Security Administration contractor Edward Snowden disclosed classified documents that detailed the United States involvement in a global surveillance operation.

And those are just of few of the top news stories from around the country in 2013.

But what about here in Lawrence County? What events do you think had the most impact on your community?

Was it the long-awaited groundbreaking for the hotel and restaurant project at the Ninth Street property?

Or were you one of the dozens of Ironton residents allegedly scammed by contractors offering storm damage repairs?

The Tribune will publish its top 10 stories of the year on Jan. 1. Until then, we’d like to know what your top news stories of 2013 were.

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