Student-related gun incidents go unreported

Published 10:22 am Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reports of students disciplined for taking guns to school are seen in the news infrequently. It does not happen often — but it may be a bigger problem in Ohio than most people think.

That is because the state Department of Education covers up many such incidents.

There were nearly 250 of them in the Buckeye State last year. Few were included in reports on the education department’s website.

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When a school district reports fewer than 10 cases of students taking guns to school during a year, the information is “masked” — with no number showing — on the education department’s website, according to a published report.

Why? State officials say the rule is intended to safeguard the privacy of students.

Baloney. Students are not identified in the state reports. Like so much in government, the “privacy” claim serves to cover up information that might prove embarrassing.

Every situation in which a student takes a gun to school ought to be reported on the state department’s website. If that requires action by the General Assembly, lawmakers should take it as soon as possible.


Warren Tribune Chronicle