Resolve to keep your goals alive

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today is the first day of a new year, so what have you resolved to accomplish in 2014?

Have you decided to join a gym and work off all those extra pounds that have been piling on since Thanksgiving?

What about smoking? Have you finally decided to buck that proverbial monkey on your back?

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Those are two of the most commonly vowed goals for the new year, and unfortunately, two of the most commonly broken resolutions.

Whether you have vowed to eat healthier, get out of debt, volunteer or spend more time with family, choosing a New Year’s resolution has become a tradition that most of us seem to tackle with great fervor in the beginning.

But as the days, weeks and months pass, human nature overcomes us and we fall back into our routine.

So why can’t we hold on to that New Year’s dream? Maybe it’s because we only set these kinds of goals once a year. Or maybe we need some accountability from a friend or family member.

For once, let’s try setting a series of smaller, specific goals throughout the year so we can have a sense of accomplishment year-round.

With each month, try something you know you can achieve, like losing 5 pounds instead of 50.

Let’s not have the fate of our entire year hinge on one decision we make as the clock strikes midnight.