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UPDATE: Ironton-Russell Bridge reopens

Following an overnight closure due to sub-zero temperatures, the Ironton-Russell Bridge has been reopened to traffic.

With the temperature in Ironton holding above five degrees Fahrenheit and slowing rising this afternoon, ODOT bridge engineers and inspectors have concluded that the bridge may be reopened to traffic. According to data gathered from the gauges on the bridge and their field review, no sudden decreases or increases were shown to have occurred during the closure when temperatures were at their coldest.

Closure of the Ironton-Russell Bridge is deemed necessary during extreme cold as the structure’s steel truss structure may not be wholly protected should it incur damage from any severe or unusual external force in sub-zero weather.

For information on additional lane and road closures caused by construction, accidents, flooding or other related traffic events throughout the state, visit ODOT on the web at www.Ohgo.com