Be patient while crews work hard

Published 9:41 am Thursday, January 9, 2014

Over the past week, we have all been reminded of how brutal Mother Nature can be with sub-zero temperatures.

These extreme weather conditions have caused serious issues for not only pipes and utilities in and around homes and businesses, but also for our communities.

While this is can be considered an inconvenience on the conservative side, it has been severe for utility workers as well.

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In the best of circumstances, utility workers can find themselves working in the extreme heat or cold to reconnect or get other services back on for residents.

However, the past few days have put those workers to the test working to fix water lines, meters, or electric to help consumers to have basic needs of water and heat.

We commend those workers for braving the extreme weather conditions and long hours to aid in helping throughout the county.

While it may be their “job,” it is important to remember that these folks are going above and beyond over the past several days to ensure homes and families have the ability to heat their homes, cook meals, and have running water.

So, while it may be exhausting to not have those services for a period of time, please remember that these types of repairs can take extra time for the workers in charge of returning those utilities to working status because of the conditions.