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Academic competition worthwhile

Much of the time, competition among students involves touchdowns and field goals, or baskets and home runs.

There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of screaming fans rooting for their home team. There are victories and there are defeats.

Very little, people think of competition and rivalry in terms of academics and brain-power.

Last week, middle school quiz bowl teams from all over Lawrence County could have proved them all wrong.

Just as athletes train their bodies, quiz bowl students trained their minds in areas of history, literature, science and the like for the season-closing tournament that was held this past Friday at Ohio University Southern.

This year, the St. Joseph Flyers claimed a second straight tourney win.

Even though, just as in all sports, only one team can claim victory, all the students who participated can claim glory for a job well done.

Kudos to the teachers who advise the quiz bowls teams each year and who stress the importance of a healthy appetite for knowledge and the spirit of competition.

Activities like quiz bowl are excellent ways for students to stretch their minds and gain exposure to a broad range of subjects and topics, as well as strengthen study skills and team work.

Bravo to all the students who participated and here’s to hoping Lawrence County’s teachers will continue to encourage academic achievement.