Carryover result of hardwork

Published 10:04 am Thursday, January 16, 2014

While the ultimate goal for a business is to work diligently to earn a profit, the objective for any village or city, county, state and federal governmental agency is to realize a carryover at the end of a fiscal year.

That is exactly what the hard work of the county offices and commission of Lawrence County attained.

That conscientiousness resulted in a larger than expected carryover of nearly $1.245 million going into 2014. The carryover was nearly $100,000 more than expected.

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This is an important step in moving forward through the next fiscal year for the county.

Although the county as a whole and each department faced challenges in their budgets, the end result shows that when all county officials work together and develop a solid plan the county as a whole can reap the benefits.

However, while the carryover is important to the county’s ability to provide funding to various departments and meet its obligations, an important aspect to remember is that difficult times are still ahead because of the evolving economic recovery.

While the carryover is slated to go into the general fund, it is important for those responsible for allocating funds to continue to be prudent yet provide those needed resources for our county offices to be efficient and meet the needs of our residents.