Officeholders object of ire

Published 10:06 am Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being born and bred a life long citizen of Lawrence County, over the years I’ve seen a lot of changes, some good and a whole lot of bad.

Now I see in the headlines where the county jail and staff are being sued. Then beside it I see our property taxes increasing again. It’s time for some major changes here in this county.

Let’s start off with our county auditor/former county commissioner Jason Stephens — vote him out.

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He has had his chance to show his political abilities. He claims to love and care about this county so much. Do us all a favor get out or vote him out.

We need fresh new eyes on this tax situation. He’s getting financially rich, while we taxpayers struggle to pay ours.

Real people are losing homes and property.

Now Jeff Lawless, it’s your turn. We the people hold you and your staff responsible for the death of that young man. You and your staff and deputies should turn in your badges. Seek employment elsewhere. I see where McDonalds is hiring.

Maybe you can get a job at area restaurants protecting hamburgers from the Hamburgler.

Here is an idea: Set up phones and booths and send out tax deductible papers to every person in the county seeking donations for funds to build a new jail.

I hope that family gets a nice monetary award from the county and sues each of those responsible. Placing each one in financial ruin. Maybe that will put a stop to you power-trippers in Ironton.


David Moore