Civic group to focus on South Point

Published 12:39 am Sunday, January 19, 2014

Much like its Lawrence County neighbors, the Village of South Point is looking to get the community involved in the beautification process.

Village councilman Chris Smith, along with some others in the South Point community, has started a new nonprofit organization called People For The Point. The group’s purpose will be to organize cleanups and contests designed to tidy up South Point.

Already the county has the Coal Grove Betterment Club and Operation TLC doing similar work.

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“It was time we got involved,” Smith said. “After seeing all the other communities in the area come up with similar organizations it was our turn. We are going to organize some cleanups and have some incentives for residents to keep their yards nice and neat.”

Smith describes the People For The Point to currently be in the planning stages as they wait on warmer weather to begin organizing events.

“We are trying to let the weather break first,” Smith said. “Once it starts to get nicer we are going to start putting some of our plans in action.”

Smith says that all members of the South Point community are encouraged to participate and he hopes to see interest rise among residents.

“We want to get as many people in the community involved as we can,” Smith said. “It’s all about community pride and doing something to make where we live a better place.”