Drug task force needs ICC support

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 26, 2014

It is no secret that residents in Ironton and Lawrence County have long been fed up with the rampant epidemic of drug abuse in their neighborhoods.

The county jail is full of people accused of buying or selling drugs or a litany of other charges likely related to a drug-dependent lifestyle.

And as many people who sit awaiting trial, there are many more who have avoided being caught by authorities.

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Hopefully, their luck is about the change.

The Ironton Police Department recently requested funds from the Ironton finance committee to help with the start of the department’s own drug task force. The task force would be an offshoot of the newly formed Special Response Team, which has already netted some arrests of suspects wanted on warrants.

Although the finance committee supported the allocation of funds to be considered by city council, it will be up to council to decide if the money will be given.

You cannot put a price on public safety. Something must be done to stop the drug users and traffickers in Ironton and a message must be sent that a change is on the horizon. We hope council will support the IPD’s new drug task force.

But Mayor Rich Blankenship hit the nail on the head when he said, “I personally would expect to see results and not just give them the money and tell them good luck.”

The drug issue in Ironton won’t be solved with a one-time donation, but it will be a good start to get the task force up and running. We encourage the IPD to continue efforts to see grants, just as the county drug and major crimes task force does.

We hope this new effort by the IPD will go along way to help fight crime and take back the city of Ironton for the people.