Coal is on the rebound

Published 10:54 am Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Worldwide governments, industries and consumers are realizing the high cost of renewable energy makes it unsustainable. In fact, the decline of renewable energy has already begun

Jim Hansen, Lyin’ Al Gore’s climate mis-adviser, stated, “Suggesting that renewables will let us phase off fossil fuels in the United States, China, India or the world as a whole is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy”…and Global Warming.

The reason renewable energy policies are failing is that they are far too expensive. For those who claim they are cheaper; they would not need subsidies if they were.

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The campaign against coal driven by the green movement is having little effect on the world coal mining industry

Green energy will not become a major link in the energy chain until it is less expensive than fossil fuels.

In 2013 coal use in Germany hit a 24-year high — exposing (yet again) the nonsense of the Green Power dream that is killing Europe.

Germany is rushing to reopen some of their “dirtiest” brown coal mines that have been closed since Germany was reunified when the Berlin Wall came down in the late 1980s. Germany’s wholesale plunge back into coal is partly driven by rising power costs as they prop up renewable power with expensive — and unsustainable — subsidies.

Europe and other regions that drank the Green Power kool-aid are realizing that they cannot afford renewable energy.

It is obvious that alternative and renewable energy won’t fly.

The world’s increased consumption of coal to generate electricity highlights the fact that there is a major disconnection between today’s harsh economic conditions and of a time when energy is cheap and abundant.

As the cost and availability of electricity to drive Europe’s industries shifts into crisis mode, industry will turn to coal as its savior.

The anti-coal activists are being exposed as the true wreckers of the region. They are responsible for the headlong and badly considered push away from coal into the unknown of the intermittent solar/wind future.

The energy crisis in Germany is causing major industrial groups to panic over energy costs that are pricing them out of business.

The energy crisis is being blamed on the European politicians who mandated the increased use of renewable energy and reduced use of fossil fuels.

The debate will soon go global as the cost factors outweigh renewable energy’s unproven and vague benefit sometime down the road. The facts will be so plain to see that even the current administration might get it.

It will be recognized that in order to protect and maintain living standards, power must be competitively priced.

The U.S. knows this and that is why the green assertions about fracking have been dumped in the over-flowing garbage can.

The U.S.’s availability of cheap and plentiful natural gas, and the failure of renewables to deliver cost-effective electricity are driving the revival in the demand for coal – the global low-cost and reliable source of electricity.


Joseph P. Smith is the owner of Pyro-Chem Corporation in South Point and has worked in the energy industry for more than three decades. He can be reached by email at