Commending road crews for work

Published 11:18 am Friday, January 31, 2014

During the last couple weeks, the region has been hit hard with extremely cold, and in some cases, bone-chilling temperatures along with more measurable snow that we can remember in several winters.

This has left the county engineer and the road crews cleaning, treating, and re-cleaning some roads throughout the county.

Although the road crews prepare for this, some conditions as we saw over the past weekend can halt those efforts.

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While this is their job, the conditions for these workers can be hazardous to operate the equipment to ensure the roadways are as clear as possible.

We commend the county engineer, road superintendent, garage workers, and road crews for their efforts during the winter.

Taking into account that these folks work in less than ideal conditions in most cases either in the summer or winter, it is important for the safety of residents throughout the entire county to keep the nearly 400 miles of roads in a good condition.

However, while there are certain places within the county that need repair, the past few weeks the work that has been done should be acknowledged.

Remember, while it is in a different part of the country, we could be facing the same situation as those in Georgia and Alabama.