Plan can benefit OU students

Published 11:05 am Friday, February 14, 2014

While it seems everything continues to increase in cost, one local entity is developing a framework that would allow for a status quo in relation to expenses.

Recently, Ohio University President Roderick McDavis spoke about a plan would allow students to maintain the same tuition and fees from year to year without an increase. This indicates that the students would face the same tuition and fee cost from the time they begin their academic journey to the time they finish if the degree program is completed in the designated time period; typically a four-year program.

We applaud President McDavis and others involved for taking a proactive and bold approach to allow future students to have a better plan and understanding of the costs associated with their higher education experience.

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With several campuses in Lawrence County alone, this could have many benefits for students and families within the county.

Many times today we see colleges and universities build yearly increases in tuitions and fees to provide the needed increase in revenues to cover the institutions increased costs.

However, what is being called “The Ohio Guarantee” sets Ohio University apart in being innovative to help both the institution and the students.

If the plan is enacted, time will be the judge in determining if the project is a success. However, the positives the university could realize merit the need to move forward with the initiative.