Village hall to move

Published 11:14 am Friday, February 14, 2014

PROCTORVILLE — The village hall in Proctorville has been at 301 State St. since 1984.

That will change on March 1st when the village hall moves to its new location on Elizabeth Street and a church will go into the current village hall.

“We’ll be moving into a new building at the first of the month,” said Proctorville Mayor Rick Dunfee. “The new building will be on Elizabeth Street across from the library, where the post office used to be,”

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Dunfee says the move will help the village reduce the costs of utilities while also saving space.

“Right now we are in a building that is 3,000 square feet.” Dunfee said. “We’re using 300 square feet, so there is just a lot of unused space. The new location will allow us to save money on heating and cooling.”

The new location will also be a convenience for Proctorville residents.

“You’ll be able to do everything at the new location,” Dunfee said. “Water, police, it will all be there. It’ll also be right off the road and on the ground level making it easier for residents to get to.”

The current village hall building won’t sit around vacant, as a church will once again occupy the building.

“Our building now used to be a church,” Dunfee said. “With the Tabernacle Baptist Church moving once the municipality is out, it will be a church again. They can use the space better, so it works out well.”