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Take steps toward a healthier you

Many of us see the world through a 40-inch TV, 13-inch computer monitor or an even smaller tablet or cell phone screen.

We are constantly viewing these devices — sometimes forgoing our own real-world experiences to view others’ online.

But the goal of a new wellness initiative sponsored by Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, Ironton aLive and the Ohio State University Extension hopes to get people in the community to unplug and get healthier.

Called the Live Healthy, Live Well Spring Wellness Challenge, organizers are rolling out two events — March 21 at Ohio university Southern’s Proctorville Center and noon on April 2 in the Caucus Room at OUS in Ironton — to sign up for the six-week program.

During the program, participants can document their progress of exercise, eating well, reducing stress and taking time away from electronic devices.

The sponsoring agencies of this program are providing a wonderful service to the community of which every business and individual should take advantage.

There are no weekly weigh-in meetings in front of large groups or intense personal trainers. It’s only you and your own drive to become a healthier person.

So why not give it a try? Taking even the smallest step towards a healthier life is better than no step at all.