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Revisit demolition project

Last week during an update on other structures that have been demolished, the plan to raze portions of Memorial Hall was discussed.

Ironton Mayor Rich Blankenship told city council no proposals were received on the project during the bidding process.

This is unfortunate for all involved because the longer the structure stands, the more difficult saving any portion of it becames.

Last year, city council unanimously approved demolishing certain portions of the dilapidated building while preserving certain elements and incorporating those saved components into a community park and veterans memorial.

At the time, council voted to move forward, it was important for those charged with the project to have a solid plan in place.

We feel those plans were in place and we agree with the decisions to move forward, but it may be time to revisit the plan and look at potential adjustments to the requirements of the project.

The current plan is to preserve certain portions of the building, and that is something with which we strongly agree. As time continues to pass and the structure further deteriorates, however, the likelihood any portions of the building can be saved lessens and the entire structure could be lost.

Memorial Hall was an important part of the city’s past, but the long-term outlook has an important role to play in Ironton’s future.