Teen creates Facebook page promoting Ironton

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To determine what others feel strongly about nowadays one has to look no further than social media. Corbin Ramey created Ironton Hot Sheets to promote all things Ironton three weeks ago and his effort hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“People get caught up by my age,” Ramey, 19, said. “It’s understandable because there aren’t a lot of people my age doing things like this.”

Ironton Hot Sheets Facebook group has reached 300 page “likes” since its inception, a milestone Ramey is glad and admittedly a little surprised to reach.

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“It’s not a youth organization or anything like that, it’s just a Facebook page,” he said. “Although it’s a small step at least it’s a small step in the right direction.”

The group hosts discussions about Ironton and things going on within it. The discussions pertain, but are not limited to, city government, revitalization projects and current events. Small businesses and individuals have the opportunity to use this page as a platform to share information and many have done just that.

“Small business owners can share any information they feel the people of Ironton need to know,” Ramey said. “If someone is organizing an event in Ironton the page can be used to get the word out.”

Other Ironton-focused Facebook groups are also encouraged to share information. Ramey, a 2012 graduate of Ironton High School, said his goal for the page is becoming a vital asset to the people of Ironton.

“I want to thank every single member of this group,” Ramey posted on the page after reaching 300 “likes.” “Your support only strengthens my belief that there are still people who truly care about this town.”

Ramey said he can’t pinpoint the reason behind starting the page other than he just felt compelled to do so.

“One day I just got tired of being one of those people who sits back, complains about the situation and does nothing to solve the problem or offer solutions,” he said. “I realized by being one of those people, I was actually part of the problem. If you want things in Ironton to change that’s fantastic. But put your money where your mouth is and prove it.”

Since creating the page Ramey has conversed both electronically and in person with other advocates for progress like Billy Bruce and Ironton aLive Executive Director Jon Ferguson. During the Ro-Na cleanup project this past Sunday Ramey took the opportunity to speak with several members of the community and his age was a positive sign according those with whom he conversed

“I learned a lot, met with some great people and we got a lot of work done,” he said. “It seemed as if everyone wanted to pull me aside to hear about The Ironton Hot Sheets, and people were so stunned to find out I was so young and dedicated. I was the youngest person helping that day, and I didn’t leave until everyone else did. Hopefully in the future it won’t be such a surprise that young people care about Ironton. Because the future of Ironton rests on the shoulders of its youth.”

Ramey is adamant about Ironton Hot Sheets not being a platform to gain popularity or attention for himself, but about the group and other like-minded people.

“It’s important the attention be given to the group,” Ramey said. “I talked with (Billy Bruce) and he told me not to worry about the attention because it’s important the younger community realizes people their age doing these types of things. I genuinely care about this community and the page is about that, not me or any other one person.”

Various forms and applications are also available on the group’s page. To view or join the group, visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/TheIrontonHotSheets or type “The Ironton Hot Sheets” in the Facebook search bar.



The Ironton Hot Sheets name stems from Ramey watching Men in Black on Netflix. A scene where Tommy Lee Jones’ character tells Will Smith’s character, “Let’s check the hot sheets” and they walk up to a newsstand and begin reading the National Enquirer because that’s where the Men in Black got their news.

“That’s where the inspiration for the name came from,” Ramey said. “I want the Ironton Hot Sheets to be that trusted resource people in town can turn to for good information about Ironton. I don’t want it to be like the National Enquirer, though.”