Area seniors shine at district all-star games

Published 1:37 am Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jim Walker


JACKSON — It was a night of stars for the District 13 seniors basketball players and they’re were plenty who shined.

Ashley Frasure of Logan and Megan Dixon of Vinton County scored 14 points each as the Division I and II girls beat the Division III and IV girls 67-51.

Morgan Sites of Coal Grove scored eight points and Kalli Hunt had four points for the Div. III-IV team. Maddie Rigsby of Eastern scored 10 points and Oak Hill’s Leanna Adkins had eight points.

Frasure was named the games’ Most Valuable Player.

In the boys’ game, Brandon Barnes of South Point scored 17 points, Coal Grove’s Conor Markins eight points, and Coal Grove’s D.J. Miller and South Point’s Eli Ketron six points each as the Div. I and II team beat the Div. II and IV team 103-63.

For the Div. II and IV team, Symmes Valley’s Jonathan Kouns had 12 points and Tyler Rowe 10.

Oak Hill’s Garrin Stiltner scored 17 points for the Div. II and IV team and was named the game’s MVP.

The slam dunk contest was won by Athens’ Ibi Watson and the 3-point goal shooting contest by Warren’s Evan French. The girls’ 3-point goal contest was won by Warren’s Victoria Buzzard.

2014 Distirct 13 All-Star Games

Boys’ Boxscore

DIVISION I AND II (63): Braden Riley (Marietta) 1-1-3, Reece Patton (Warren) 2-0-4, Alex Owings (Vinton Co.) 3-0-7, Reid Eastman (Gallia Academy) 3-0-7, Damon Jones (Meigs) 0-0-0, Joey Cotrill (Logan) 1-0-3, Tyler Neal (Jackson) 2-0-5, Tyler Rowe (Symmes Valley) 4-1-10, Jon Kouns (Symmes Valley) 5-0-12, Dennis Teaford (Racine Southern) 1-0-2, Taylor McNickle (Racine Southern) 1-0-3, Jacob Koons (Trimble) 1-0-2, Konnor Standley (Trimble) 2-0-5, Hunter Starlin (Miller) 0-0-0. Totals 26-2-63. Three-point goals: Kouns 2, Owings, Eastman, Cottrill, Neal, Rowe, McNickle and Standley.

DIVISION II AND IV (103): Brandon Barnes (South Point) 8-0-17, Garrin Stiltner (Oak Hill) 7-1-17, Conor Markins (Coal Grove) 4-0-8, Josh Fayette (Nelsonville-York) 6-1-13, Nick Therriault (Belpre) 3-1-8, Pete Crum (Federal Hocking) 1-0-3, Eli Ketron (South Point) 3-0-6, D. J. Miller (Coal Grove) 2-0-6, Alfy Nichols (Federal Hocking) 3-2-9, Brennen Ferrell (Belpre) 1-0-3, Caleb Heffner (Chesapeake) 1-1-3, Wyatt Porter (Waterford) 3-0-6, Eli Strahler (Waterford) 2-0-4. Totals 44-5-103. Three-point goals- Stiltner 2, Miller 2, Barnes, Fayette, Therriault, Crum, Nichols, Ferrell.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Garrin Stiltner, Oak Hill.

COACHES DIV. I & II: Jeff Skinner (Athens) and Blaine Maddox (Warren).

COACHES DIV. III & IV: Tom Simms (Waterford) and Chris Barnes (South Point).

Girls’ Boxscore

DIVISION I AND II (67): Ashley Frasure (Logan) 6-0-14, Megan Dixon (Vinton Co.) 5-0-14, Hannah DeBruin (Athens) 2-1-5, Sarah Proctor (Warren) 4-0-8, Jamee Park (Vinton Co.) 0-0-0, Xan Hale (Vinton Co.) 1-0-3, Ali Bray (Miller) 3-0-6, Annie Speakman (Jackson) 2-0-6, Whitney Wills (Jackson) 3-0-7, Kerrigan Hoover (Jackson) 2-0-4. Totals 28-1-67. Three-point goals- Dixon 4, Frasure 2, Speakman 2, Hale, Wills.

DIVISION III AND IV (51): Leanna Adkins (Oak Hill) 3-1-8, Angela Meade (Nelsonville-York) 0-0-0, Morgan Sites (Coal Grove) 3-0-6, Jordan Parker (Eastern Meigs) 2-0-4, Erin Swatzel (Eastern Meigs) 1-0-2, Katie Keller (Eastern Meigs) 2-2-6, Maddie Rigsby (Eastern Meigs) 5-0-10, Celestia Hendrix (Racine Southern) 3-2-8, Kalli Hunt (Symmes Valley) 2-0-4, Hannah Maynard (Symmes Valley) 0-1-1, Kassie Shriver (Gallia Academy) 1-0-2. Totals 22-6-51. Three-point goals- Adkins.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Ashley Frasure, Logan.

COACHES DIV. I & II: Matt Walburn (Jackson).

COACHES DIV. III & IV: John Burdette (Eastern Meigs) and Doug Hale (Oak Hill).

Special Events Winners

DUNK CONTEST: Ibi Watson (Athens).

THREE-POINT SHOOTING (GIRLS): Victoria Buzzard (Warren).

THREE-POINT SHOOTING (BOYS): Evan French (Warren).