Everyone must take advantage of early voting

Published 10:10 am Friday, March 21, 2014

I debated writing this letter for a while but I feel there are so many people are not aware of the changing of Early Voting laws signed by our governor.

I am not wealthy and someday I feel I am no longer even middle class. I do know, however, we have lacked the knowledge of what the Republicans have done in Columbus: they have a voted against Early Voting as we previously knew it.

They will loudly proclaim they are not suppressing “the Souls to the Polls,” which Black Americans have enjoyed voting in unity after Sunday morning services. It’s their story and they can tell it their way. It’s the Republicans’ turn.

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The Ohio Republicans certainly are preparing for the 2016 Presidential election. The Ohio Secretary of State was not able to deliver our state to Gov. Mitt Romney as he had convinced himself, others and Karl Rove. They failed to foresee Gov. Romney’s lack of interest in the 47 percent of Americans.

They now know they lack the ability to include women, Hispanic-Americans, Asian- Americans and Black Americans into the party. So by changing the Early Voting laws this might keep many voters home. Didn’t they see the long lines in the Ohio cities?

And they think if they run ahead they can curtail these possible votes for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from coming to the courthouses? I think Republicans should spend more time seeking an adequate and all-inclusive candidate rather than making these changes.

However, during the month of April voting can occur from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. And only once on Saturday, May 3 can Ohioans vote early from 9 a.m. – noon. As I previously stated there is no longer any Sunday Early Voting, striking out Christians’ “No Souls to the Polls.”

If they believed they were such an inclusive party or had successfully worked in their invitations to become so the previous laws could have benefited their candidates as well one would think. They know their fragilities so they decided to change the laws in our capital city.

Regardless until the Republicans promise to leave Social Security and Medicaid benefits alone and support increases in minimum wages no new laws in Columbus will assist them in serving Ohio to the Republican Party in 2016.

I certainly hope Lawrence County’s young adults, adults and aged adults encourage people to have conversations regarding these new Early Voting laws and the rationale. Voting is an essential as eating. It, too, is necessary to our lives to whom and to how we vote. We need to know the facts and factors in the makeup of the election dates as well as who is on our ballots. We must be alert as we vote.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Dawnita Redd