Training can boost economy

Published 2:45 pm Thursday, March 27, 2014

The welding training course through the Ohio Strategic Training Center, Ohio University Southern and the Lorain County Community College is a program that will provide Lawrence County residents the ability to receive preparation for a potential career.

The program is focused on helping those who may be looking for a different path or those who want to start their career while providing input from those businesses who need qualified employees.

With an estimated unemployment rate of 7.5 percent in Lawrence County and 10.9 percent in Scioto County as of February 2014, the companies looking for certified and qualified people in various fields are not the only ones who will benefit.

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Providing residents with an assortment of training options will ultimately help the community overcome one of the biggest employment challenges the county faces.

Continuing to evolve and develop these training partnerships within the county as often as possible will yield many benefits.

Looking at the larger picture, an increase in employment will increase tax revenues for various communities and the county as a whole.