2 bids received for demo

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The third time bids went out for Memorial Hall demolition proved a charm for the City of Ironton.

Mayor Rich Blankenship said two bids — one for $127,000 and one for $158,000 — were received at a bid opening on Tuesday.

“We are currently reviewing both bids,” Blankenship said. “After we finish the review, we will make a recommendation to council.”

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The first two times the project went out for bid, Blankenship said, no bids were submitted and contractors called with concerns about the demolition.

“We tried to address those concerns prior to putting it out for bid,” Blankenship said. “Before we make a decision I want to talk to the contractors who submitted.”

Keeping certain aspects of Memorial Hall intact has driven up the cost of the demolition, Blankenship said.

“The large tower seemed to be a safety issue and were not getting bids because the job can’t be done for the amount of money we have to pay for it,” he said. “Tearing it all the way down would lower the cost considerably.”

Blankenship said the demolition is a “major, dirty and dangerous job” that, according to the E.L. Robinson, could be completed for $118,000.

“We sent out $118,000 on the bids and contractors look at that number and they just can’t do it,” Blankenship said. “I can see the contractors’ concerns.”

Blankenship said he plans to bring his recommendation before council within the next three weeks.