Lessen meth’s hold

Published 10:29 am Thursday, April 10, 2014

While prescription drug abuse is still at an epidemic level throughout the country, methamphetamine can certainly be viewed in the same manner.

With the enhanced efforts of law enforcement, the meth-related arrests have increased.

Unfortunately, the strong possibility exists that a massive amount of others are still in operation.

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Over the past few weeks, there have been a significant increase in meth-related arrests in locations that could have resulted in a serious threat to personal property and injury to those nearby. Arrests are being made at locations posing a major danger to public safety.

In 2013, Ohio was the fourth leading state in the country pertaining to the number of meth labs found by various law enforcement agencies at more than 1,000.

This is an alarming trend that seemingly continues to escalate.

Ultimately, continuing to be vigilant to potential warning signs, being educated, having proactive law enforcement, and developing stricter laws can be the movement that aids in lessening the control this drug has on the Appalachian region and our local communities.