Taxes, jobs just 2 of voters’ concerns

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elected by the people in 2012 after having been appointed by the Republican Central Committee, I am seeking re-election as your Republican Lawrence County Commissioner.

Having spent a lot of time interacting with the residents of Lawrence County, it is evident to me that many voters have serious concerns regarding increased taxes, jobs and personal safety.

Taxes — I opposed, and will continue to oppose any proposed tax levies. By better fiscal management tax levies should not be necessary. During my service as commissioner we have, with a lot of hard work and determination, maintained a balanced budget. I will continue to fight government waste.

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Currently, I am working diligently to reduce the Union Rome sewer rates.

Jobs — Jobs continue to be a concern within our county. I am pleased to have participated and played an active role in the negotiations bringing the Wyngate at RiversEdge to Proctorville. Now under construction, Wyngate will provide independent and assisted living for our seniors. Wyngate will not only bring jobs to Lawrence County, but will also be a tremendous asset to our growing senior population.

Continuing with the subject of jobs, I am privileged to have served on the economic team associated with The Point, which has created 300 new jobs in the last two years.

Law Enforcement — Lawrence County is clearly in the midst of the drug pipeline. With serious crime rapidly increasing and limited jail space available, it is an honor to work with Sheriff Jeff Lawless. During my term as commissioner, five new cruisers have been purchased along with necessary law enforcement equipment.

It is imperative the citizens of Lawrence County be kept safe and be afforded powerful law enforcement protection. Keeping deputies on the road is a high priority.

Further, I am committed to the process of establishing a plan and solution to the overcrowded jail problem facing our county.

As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, I am a graduate of Symmes Valley High School and a successful businessman. I am a devoted father of two daughters and am happily married to my wife, Bethany.

As your full-time commissioner you will find that my door is always open. I will continue solid, strong, conservative Republican leadership values.

I respectfully ask for your vote on May 6.


Freddie Hayes, Jr. — A Proven Conservative