Community involvement sought

Published 10:48 am Thursday, April 17, 2014

Over the coming months, The Tribune’s editorial board, consisting of General Manager Josh Morrison, News Editor Michelle Goodman, Advertising Manager Shawn Randolph and Production Manager Bo Elliott, will look to form a community advisory board.

The community advisory board is exactly what it suggests. Those who are selected and accept to participate will be a voluntary group that will meet to present ideas, thoughts and suggestions on a variety of topics relating to the newspaper’s coverage of Lawrence County.

It is important to make selections that will offer a variety of backgrounds, community involvement and an array of perspectives that will ultimately allow the editorial board and leadership to make informed decisions.

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The purpose of the advisory board will be to aid in enhancing the coverage and continually improve the ability of the newspaper to meet and exceed the experience for readers and advertisers.

Community involvement throughout the county is an essential component, and for The Tribune; this is no different.

Ensuring the readers of The Tribune are receiving accurate and balanced news coverage that is relevant to the residents on both an individual and community level is always our top priority.

Developing a community advisory board will ultimately fill a need, as the ideas shared and presented by the community advisory board can aid in developing plans for the long-term future of The Tribune.